ROMEO 2 25 S

Spine, Lumbar spine, Screw semipoliaxial sagittal

Screws, cannulated semipoliaxiales

The screws 25S restrict the movement to the mid-range poly-axial, combining the advantages of poly-axial screws with the screw monoaxiales.

Correction of the sagittal plane

The screws 25S are designed to provide freedom poly-axial in-plane lateral/medial, but restrict the movement in the plane cephalad/caudal to facilitate the maneuvers of correction in the sagittal plane.

Diversionary/direct compression

The restricted motion of the screw 25S can be directed in the sense of cranial or caudal, which allows you to distraction and compression parallel direct the vertebra.

Identification of the Blocked area

The side with restricted motion is indicated by a mark of laser in the head of the screw.

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