Column, Lumbar, Box transforaminal YOU

Ti-LIFE Technology

The structure osteoconductora plays bone geometry, trabecular, and has been designed to promote bone growth.This technology patented is based on a revolucianario algorithm associated to a novel process of additive manufacturing.

Optimal Viewing

The design of JULIET®Ti has a lower density overall performance in the imaging optimized.

Insertion is Easy and Safe

The boxes have a tip smooth autodistracción in the shape of a bullet and a chamfer polishing. This design is intended to facilitate the insertion, as it allows the distraction of the intervertebral space at the same time that mitigates the risk of damage to the sides of the vertebrae, nerves, and soft tissues.

Portaimplante Multiaxial

The locking mechanism of the bracket of the implant allows users to change the direction of the device during implantation, which ensures an anterior positioning accurate out of the box in situ.

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